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How to Deal Directly With the Unconscious Mind

One of the most important factors to remember about the unconscious mind is that every iota of personal information is retained there. People, places, and events that have long slipped away from the conscious mind are stored away, ready for retrieval when and as needed. For example, meeting a high school acquaintance for the first time in twenty years will automatically send a request to the subconscious mind to begin the process of retrieving helpful data.

As you continue to speak with the individual, you may slowly begin to remember long forgotten details about some activity or club the two of you engaged in, a class both of you attended, or some other helpful details. Professionally guided hypnosis induction taps into this ability, helping both therapist and patient to recover information that can prove helpful in the here and now.

The process involves using words as triggers that will help to produce the desired results. As this relates to the unconscious mind, these verbal triggers cause the individual to connect with an idea or suggestion and begin to consider it on both a conscious and subconscious level. If the idea is found on the unconscious level to be worth pursuing, the unconscious mind will begin to seek through the massive storage of memory and utilize the data to lead toward an action or decision that will produce a high level of satisfaction.

Hypnosis induction makes use of verbal prompts that can help guide the journey through the unconscious mind to identify and make use of desires, motivations, and personal preferences in order to function in the here and now. Therapists make use of this technique to induce persons to tap into memories and deal with unresolved issues.

Salespeople will tap into the unconscious mind in order to guide people to want the item he or she is selling. Lovers make use of the unconscious mind as a means of motivating their romantic partners to do what they want. In short, just about everyone can make use of learning how to reach into people’s unconscious mind.

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